As chef, I understand the importance of the culinary element in the development of manufactured trend and how to succeed with food products or concepts. We know about creating flavors and experience it thru food. We bring credibility to food products.


I have the know-how to help increase your sales while reducing your costs.
How to capitalize better your equipment; ingredients and opportunities.
Create team work. Increase culinary and sale skills.
I know how to create gourmet experience with a competitive price.



Chef Trini

Woman, mother, cook, traveler and nature lover. Committed to good causes and the environment. I am Chilean by birth but I consider the world my place. I have lived in half a dozen countries and thanks to that I have an adventurous palate and good friends around the world. Food is my passion. My curiosity about the ingredients, preparations, recipes, markets and the stories behind each of them, have been the motivation to dedicate myself to the kitchen. I have more than 20 years of culinary experience involved in all kinds of kitchens, laboratories and experimental kitchens dealing with many types of people and personalities. Cooks, engineers, nutritionists, flavorists, housewives, etc.

The last 10 years focused as a Chef developing products for the food industry and the QSR for all of Latin America. Through these years I have worked and collaborated with many multinational companies giving the developments that distinctive culinary touch. I have helped to make known the different Latin American cuisines outside our continent in multiple culinary presentations. And I have hosted groups of chefs from around the world in Latin America discovering their wonderful diversity. Currently I have the privilege of living in a small paradise called Costa Rica, from where I am moving to the different countries where my clients are currently. Argentina, Brazil, USA and Spain.


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